Ultra precise micro metal parts, on-demand and in volume


Unlocking Medical Innovation with Micro-Precision Metal Components

No other metal manufacturing process can meet Trio's precision, speed, cost, and quality

CNC Machining and injection molding have long lead times and cumbersome design constraints. Use the first micro-scale metal additive manufacturing technology with the precision of CNC to solve your product development and manufacturing challenges.

Unsurpassed Precision
The first metal 3D printing process with Ra32 native surface finish and tolerances as tight as 0.0005"
Design Flexibility
Move beyond machining & molds. Our technology allows you to design to the problem, not the process!
Speed, Speed, Speed
Whether you need protos for R&D or a production run, our technology can meet your needs!


Industrial Grade Materials

Resin Infused Powder Lithography (RIPL) is Trio Labs’ proprietary process that uses standard metal injection molding powders to make high precision, 99% dense, metal parts in high volume

Available Now 17-4 Stainless Steel
Soon 316L, 304L Stainless Steel
Next MP35N, 440C, Ti64
Future F75, Nitinol, Tungsten, Zirconia, Alumina, Tungsten Carbide

RIPL is a patented technology that starts by making green parts at 5-micron resolution (0.0002”). The printed parts are at tap density, which minimizes shrinkage and allows for tight dimensional control during and after sintering. Trio Labs utilizes standard powders and furnaces to produce industry leading part quality.